The Cost of Living in Auckland, New Zealand

The Cost of Living in Auckland, New Zealand

The cost of living in Auckland, New Zealand is fairly high. Like maximum countries, it tends to vary depending on whether an expatriate lives in a city or rustic area. The cost of living moreover varies dependent on which of New Zealand’s isles an individual lives on, since the South Island is expressively inexpensive than the North Island.

Food:  The average expenses acquired on food could be about 1000 NZD per month. The charges at normal eateries vary extremely, but you can anticipate to pay anyplace between $8 and $15 for breakfast plus between $20 and $40 for dinner per individual. You would be able to find cheap meals similar fish and chips, or noodles for about $10, though a dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant would cost about $90. A beer would set you back around $8.00 at your local bar.

The cost of accommodation: Accommodation is perhaps to be the largest expense for anyone moving to New Zealand. Visibly, rental prices for possessions in the city center tend to be more costly than those for housing in the suburbs. 

Properties in New Zealand do incline to be more airy than expats, particularly those from Europe, may be used to. Properties are as well usually furnished toward a high standard. Expatriates would assume to pay among 1,500 and 3,500 NZD each month on rental. This would also depend on the size of the property also wherever it is situated. 

Travel cost : New Zealand’s foremost cities have effective public transport schemes.In Auckland there is a pre-paid card for the trains, buses as well as ferry, plus will correspondingly give you concession tours. Bus plus train fares start on $2.00 plus then get further costly dependent on how several regions you travel. Monthly also Weekly passes are correspondingly accessible. Monthly pass crosswise all transportation would cost around $150.

Purchasing a car could moreover be a profitable option, particularly if you plan to see further of New Zealand. It is not obligatory to have car insurance, nonetheless most car proprietors buy as a minimum third-party insurance.

Medical Expenses: Medical Expenditures in New Zealand are also significantly higher than additional countries and add suggestively to the price of living in New Zealand. This comprises the prices of basic medication for example cold medicine and antibiotics in addition to the price of doctors’ and hospital charges. On a regular, the price for cold medicine for six days is a whopping NZD $12 whereas even a short visit toward the doctor might price a student dearly with doctors’ fees dropping in the variety of NZD $45 – $85 per visit.

By the 2016 Mercer Cost of Living Review placing Auckland 98th in the world in terms of price. Expats actually could maintain a high standard of living on maximum incomes. This makes them more luxurious to live in than towns like Doha and Montreal, nonetheless inexpensive than Hong Kong and Seattle. Auckland is a very exclusive place to live in entire New Zealand. Regular 3 bed room’s house weekly rental is NZD 550. Life cost is depending upon the number of peoples in the family.


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