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Are you  facing any problem regarding Immigration issue in  Auckland, New Zealand?  Then we are here to assist you to find a suitable solution and solve your problem in the right way with the help of our selected best immigration lawyers in Auckland who have great knowledge and expertise in this field. Our Auckland based certified immigration consultant will satisfy you on your case and provide you the best quality service. Our immigration advisers have a wealth of expertise in dealing with all aspects of immigration law in Auckland and are well-known consultants who have strong command on all type of immigration issues in Auckland. We are committed to providing you with the best professional immigration legal advice.

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  • Immigration Lawyer Auckland are licensed and certified  under “immigration advisers licensing act 2007”
  • Being the leading immigration adviser in Auckland and NZ, we can assist you in all types of immigration services. Just give us a chance to prove our abilities and expertise.
  • We will help you with correct strategy to submit your application or case. According to your case, we determine the level of ability required to solve the problem with maximum efficiency.
  • We guarantee to provide realistic and practical advice and ensure you highly Professional and Personal Services.
  • We strongly believe that because of our service qualities and unique way of handling each application, you will be completely satisfied and will realize that we are the best immigration consultants in Auckland once you hire us.

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Get A Free Immigration Advice Auckland From Our Certified & Experienced Immigration Lawyers. They Will Assist You To Solve Your Immigration Issues Within The Shortest Period of Time. That's Why We Are Known As The Immigration Agency In Auckland.

When is the Perfect Time to  Contact a Immigration Adviser Auckland?

The immigration issues are common in Auckland and if you are one of them, who is looking to solve his problem about immigration then this is the right time that you have to engage yourself with an immigration lawyer. The reasons that are following are common in people and people have no idea of it, that’s where we come in the picture to serve you.

  • Immigration policy is commonly complicated than it looks; it’s simple to get confused by the policy that doesn’t justify your circumstances.
  • If you submit an incomplete application, it will make the problem for you that you are not a known person so you need to hire an official.
  • The immigration method is time intensive and may be frustrating. That’s why some individuals choose an expert to avoid stress.
  • If you get skilled recommendation it’s an additional possibility that your application is prospering.
  • If you’ve lodged your application and facing difficulties or been declined, an immigration adviser will advocate on your behalf.
  • If you or your family have health or character issue, a consultant can give the most effective course of action.

The Problems About Immigration And Our Services.

Visa Issue

We will assist you in dealing with all the problems and hurdles that are you facing, solve your difficulty in the right manner. Our expert consultants will also provide you suitable solution for issues like student visa, visit visa, business visa, partnership visa, family visa, etc.

 Character Issues

If Immigration identifies a personality issue that’s preventing you from being granted a visa, we can assist you in getting a personality (Character) relinquishment or a special direction. Character waiver is a decision to waive good character requirements for a person who does not meet them. Thus our immigration law specialist can assist you to get New Zealand Immigration. 

 Potentially Prejudicial Information

If Immigration New Zealand has sent you a Potentially Prejudicial Information Letter (PPI), lighting the concerns which may negatively affect the outcome of your visa application, then you are welcome to reach us and our registered immigration consultants are here to serve you. 

 Immigration Appeals

You may plan to appeal against a decision created by Immigration New Zealand. Appeals are detected at the Immigration and Protection assembly (IPT). It’s a legal method so you need to hire our certified immigration consultants.


If you are staying in New Zealand and your visa has expired and the Immigration New Zealand doesn’t notice you that you might be deported. Then you have an option to appeal for a tribunal. If you want us to help you then you must contact us before you receive the deport order. We will deal it with maximum sincerity and make you satisfied. In this way, we offer timely expert and legal service to our clients who are facing deportation.

 Immigrant Investor And  Business Permission

You are in Auckland NZ and want to invest in projects or want to do business? If you are facing permission issues and hurdles in this regard then this is the right time to hire an immigration lawyer who will advocate you. 

 Work Permit

We are New Zealand’s largest and most trusted immigration consultants. You can talk about your immigration urgency to one of our experts today. We can help you and your family with any type of work visa to New Zealand. We serve the following types of services:

  • Work to residence
  • Long Term Skill shortage
  • Specific Purpose
  • Partners of students and workers
  • Partners of NZ residents/citizens
  • Skilled migrants
  • Sports players & Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Declined work visa applications

 Family Reunification

New Zealand Immigration offers a variety of visas to assist partners, dependent youngsters, workers of Country residents and visa holders keep family along in New Zealand. If you are facing any hurdle in this option then we will gladly assist you through our immigration advisory services

 Judicial Issues

The judicial issue that includes decisions about residence class visas, decisions about the recognition of a person as a refugee or protected person, liability for deportation decisions to stop recognizing a person as a refugee or protected person decisions to cancel the recognition of a New Zealand citizen as a refugee or protected person. All our registered immigration consultant are expert in the mentioned matters


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